Hi! Nice to meet you!
Welcome to my blog! Truth be told, I always thought my blog would be called "Shooting the $h!t with Shelby," but as I've been on the professional route, I knew it wouldn't be appropriate. As I talked with a dear friend, I recognized that my outcomes are always laced with lessons and laughter when I share with others. I had the lightbulb moment of "AH HA" and realized, I can tell the same stories to you (probably more appropriately) under this banner.
I love being a storyteller. I love showing you the world through my eyes, and in turn, I will ask to see the world through yours. I will be sharing things I am passionate about, almost all the sparkly stuff. I will share my perspective and start conversations. My goal is to create a community reminiscent of a simpler time and place. Most importantly, it's a five-minute pause to smile, reflect, and perhaps laugh a little.

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  1. Stephfunny Touch  10/15/2020 01:12 PM Central
    I, too, love to laugh and enjoy your particular brand of gentle humor. Not only do you seek to uplift with your stories, but the added bonuses are the teachable moments you weave joyously into the narrative. I love these images of you with the sunflowers - both of you bloom bright and follow the light in your days. SO blessed to meet you, Shelby!

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